Reentry Challenge

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At Checkr, we aim to build a fairer future by improving understanding of the past. 

Our Reentry Challenge will give you a brief chance to walk in the shoes of someone reentering society. You will discover some of the barriers to reclaiming normalcy, such as getting a stable job, a place to live, and support networks. 

This is a simulation but it is real life for over 600,000 Americans who work to reenter society every year. This is only one example of what the process of reentry is like, there are many ways that this can be much harder for individuals trying to balance this process based on their state and local laws. 

Before you get started


This is a simulation but it can be triggering for anyone who has had to navigate this process themselves or has friends and family that are impacted by incarceration.


There is no one who has less control over their life than a person trying to reenter society—don't turn your phone off, don't close your office door, don't block on potential distractions.


Go with your gut, don't think about what is "right," think about what you truly would do in the situation you are presented with. 

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Reflection and resources

We know this simulation can be impactful and we've created documents to help you reflect on your experiences and learn how you can support reentry and provide fair opportunities for employment.  

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It wasn’t so long ago that employment and housing applications read ‘felons need not apply.’ Vestiges of these stigmatizing practices still exist across the United States. Business leaders are critical agents of change who can uproot mistakes of the past by simply ensuring a more equitable and fair assessment in the hiring process.

Lauren Bell, Fair Chance Program Manager at Checkr

The Power of a Job


Hear firsthand the impact having a job can have on someone who has lived this experience.